Meeting Farewell (2nd Place Audience Award 5-20 Minutes)

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Bayu (30) thinks he is the last quarantined COVID-19 patient. Unexpectedly on his 3rd day of quarantine, Lintang (26) who is quarantined in the room opposite of Bayu, comes. Bayu pours out his anxiety about his loneliness in quarantine by playing the violin which, little did he know, has supported Lintang going through her days.     Music: Ananda Sukarlan

Director: Ghafara Difa Harashta
Length: 15:36
Country: Indonesia
Language: Indonesian
Year: 2021

Additional Info

Director Biography: Harashta is a writer, director and a professional artworker. Joining Neo Theater group and Listra musical traditional group has succeeded to extend his contribution in the creative industry as Indonesia’s representation in the International Folk Meetings Malopolska in 2015 and being the musical arranger for Wahyu Sihombing theatrical performance in 2018. Harashta has been writing and directing various short movies, music videos and won in numerous film festivals.

Director Statement: The first image that pops into my head when I read the scenario that Rani wrote is about an isolation room that transforms into prison for our characters. Doors, windows, and balconies can no longer afford new horizons every time the patient wakes up. In that lonely space of isolation, they lose hope and even pursue their despair. At the very bottom of the abyss, the presence of other people with the same disease, even though they are in different rooms can transform into a spirit to continue their life

Producer: MF Rani Shinta Hapsari, Ghafara Difa Harashta, Reanta Pratama
Writer: MF Rani Shinta Hapsari, Ghafara Difa Harashta
Cast: Ramanadi Hasnadimaja Furqan, Aurora Auliafati, Denaya Dwiagnes

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