Mar & Cielo

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One day before the Chilean National Referendum gives each voter the possibility to approve or reject the drafting of a New Constitution, Oscar and Marcelo, two brothers with opposite views, will share a trip along the desert coast of the country. Suspicious of Marcelo’s reckless involvement in the protests against the local coal plants, Oscar is constantly confronting his brother’s position as an environmentalist. On the way, the emotional complexity of their relationship will trigger a revelation that will end up influencing both their future and that of an entire nation.

Director: Roberto Zamora, Rocío Huerta
Length: 19:26
Country: Chile
Language: Spanish
Year: 2021

Additional Info

Director Biography: Roberto Zamora   Born in Santiago de Chile in 1989, Roberto Zamora is a director, screenwriter, actor, and musician. He studied Filmmaking at UNIACC, Chile, and spent an exchange year at Ryerson University, Canada. After graduating in 2013, he worked in various productions as an Art Director. In 2015, his passion for telling universal stories inspired him to travel the world, living in North America and Europe. Zamora's work, driven by environmental and social issues, led him to co-found Fën, an ecological arts collective based in Berlin, focusing mainly on sustainable filmmaking.   Rocío Huerta   Born in La Serena, Chile in 1989, Rocío Huerta started as a filmmaker in 2012 working as an assistant director in several films and TV series for producers such as Wood Producciones and Parox. In 2014 Huerta attended the workshop "Advance Screenwriting" in Maine Media College, USA, later continuing her specialization in scriptwriting by attending the “LabGuión” of Corporación Cinefilia in Medellín, Colombia. Huerta currently works independently developing film projects as a scriptwriter and director.

Director Statement: “Mar & Cielo” was born from our need to tell a personal story that could become intrinsically linked with the complex situation between us, humans, and the climate crisis. Looking to make more than just another movie with an environmental awareness theme, we made it our commitment in this production to support our message with our actions, therefore, creating an innovative ecological film.

Producer: Macarena Gómez, Juan Pablo Zamora
Writer: Juan Pablo Zamora, Roberto Zamora
Cast: Claudia Monardes, Roberto Zamora, Juan Pablo Zamora