Love in Quarantine

When COVID protocols impose restrictions on human interaction, Millefiore Clarkes seizes the opportunity to reflect on the nature of love itself, juxtaposing her own existential quest with those of a teenager grappling with identity and self-worth in a time of social distancing, and a woman who finds surprising new romance despite pandemic isolation.

Director: Millefiore Clarkes
Length: 10:00
Country: Canada
Language: English
Year: 2020

Additional Info

Director Biography:

Millefiore Clarkes is an award-winning filmmaker from Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island. Through her company One Thousand Flowers Productions she produces a variety of media work: short and feature documentaries, music videos, drama, experimental shorts, and video installations. She recently received the DOC Institute’s Vanguard Award for her work as a documentarian. Her most recent work is a short lyrical, dramatic film SOLASTALGIA that explores the theme of climate grief. It won Best Canadian Short at the Silverwave Film Festival. She has directed four documentaries for The National Film Board of Canada: THE SONG AND THE SORROW, LOVE IN QUARANTINE, BLUE RODEO - ON THE ROAD, and ISLAND GREEN. THE SONG AND THE SORROW won Best Short Atlantic Documentary at FIN - Atlantic International Film Fest, Best Documentary at Silverwave Film Festival, Best Atlantic Doc at Lunenburg Doc Fest, Best Mid Length Documentary at The Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival, and was a Top Ten Audience Choice at Available Light Film Festival. Her films have screened at festivals across Canada and the US and have been broadcast on CBC and Bravo! Her experimental short December in Toronto is featured on Vimeo’s Staff Picks, and her music videos have won a number of awards. She is passionate about making films that connect us to one another and to nature.

Director Statement:

When you speak of love, you give yourself away. Or rather, when you ask someone to speak of love, they immediately reveal some essential part of their nature and sensibility. When processing crisis, loss and change - conversations around that word that we use so easily yet evades easy definition - are unfalteringly enlightening and ennobling. That's my theory anyway. It's the journey I embarked upon when I was 23 and made my first documentary, Stalking Love. It's the journey I took recently during the COVID lockdown to create this piece. Thank you Tanya Davis and Nico Carter-Caseley for taking that journey with me. And too - all the other dear and wise people who participated in this web of reflections on the nature of love. Thank you Daniel and Henry McRae, and my father Gerard, for putting up with a documentarian in the family (is nothing sacred?). Thank you NFB (Rohan Fernando, Annette Clarke, Roz Power, Chris MacIntosh, Anna MacLean, et al) for being the best production team a gal could hope for. Thank you Roger Carter for the music, Simon White for sound design, and Andrew MacCormack for your editing guidance.

Producer: Rohan Fernando
Writer: Millefiore Clarkes

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