Lockdown City

"The city was in Lockdown - days turned into years, years into decades, decades into minutes..." - inside the mind of one man during Lockdown. Made by first time film-maker, during lockdown - inspired by lockdown, with no budget.

Director: Coral Bevan
Length: 03:48
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Year: 2020

Additional Info

Director Biography: Comedy, Character Actor and Clown - Coral Bevan tries out her first short film for everyone during lockdown. Bevan has been clowning around for 4 years and doesn't intend on Lockdown stopping her.

Director Statement:

Initially made for fun by first time film-maker during Lockdown, inspired by Lockdown. No money, just love and madness.... New to shooting, directing and editing.

Producer: Coral Bevan
Writer: Coral Bevan, Robin Clyfan
Cast: Coral Bevan

Making Of