Like Aliens

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An Artist create little worlds from the dump and makes us rethinking our role in the universe. Joaquin Fargas create natural ecosystems isolated inside sealed containers that only allow the external influence of heat and light. These systems, like our planet, depend on light as a source of energy for the development and continued existence of the life cycles that take place inside of them. These orbs represent our planet on a miniature scale, highlighting its fragility and the care its inhabitants should be taking.

Director: Nico Muñoz
Length: 05:30
Country: Argentina
Language: English
Year: 2020

Additional Info

Director Biography: Documentary Director and DOP, Nico is a committed seeker of artistic balance and impact. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, his projects demonstrate a deep concern and commitment to social issues and justice. Since 23 years old, Nico has worked freelance, gathering News and Features for Associated Press Television and having collaborated on the coverage and development of international and national projects for various broadcasters: NBC, BBC, ESPN, Aljazeera, Fusion, Financial Times, CBS, VRT, ARTE News, Olympic Channel, France 2, Spicee, Univision, CCTV as well as independent productions.   In 2014, his passion for documentaries pulled him away from the breaking news cycle. He then adapted his journalistic experience into a modern storytelling style in which you often have one single chance to get a shot that drives the story forward dramatically. Nico enjoys combining teamwork and his expertise Nico works comfortable into sensitive stories which require strong visuals with limited budget and timing.

Director Statement: I met Joaquin Fargas in 2012 and, since then, we have worked together on numerous projects built on mutual respect between collaborators. As a documentary filmmaker, I have dedicated myself to stories related to environmental topics in myriad ways. I enjoy exploring the contradiction between human usage of items which address our supposed “needs” and how, at the same time, we demonize consumption. For example, mining companies cause a huge negative impact on the environment - particularly communities near resource heavy areas - but they work for a society which seems far from ready to change its habits. This short has developed organically over many years and the decision to make it has a lot to do with Joaquin himself. As a teacher and communicator, he uses his inventions - which combine art, science and action - to create consciousness that the film is designed to promote. He is just one person working on a titanic task, but what would happen if his passion could be multiplied and replicated? In order for that to be possible, we need to transmit his message, generate impact and look to capture the level of attention that art has the capability to attract. This film represents the continuation of a narrative that I have developed throughout my career. We intend to break new ground in terms of innovation - if not technically, then in terms of message construction, with rich debate and dialogue between filmmakers and protagonist, built on a strong trust which reflects the immense need to take collective action across disciplines and across society.