Light of Martial Arts

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Amabie is a Japanese folklore creature believed to ward off plagues; the disease is said to have been cured by carrying a picture of the creature. Adapting this story, this short experimental video is created to depict a current battle between humans and COVID-19 through a sword fighting played backwards.

Director: Yoichiro Ueda
Length: 05:55
Country: Japan
Language: No Dialog
Year: 2021

Additional Info

Director Biography: A filmmaker/cinematographer based in Tokyo, Japan. A manager of Fuji Television Network's "Digital Content Department".

Director Statement: In summer 2020, Odaiba in the Tokyo Bay Zone should have been bustling with people from all over the world for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, where partner showcasing areas, megastores, and other games-related facilities including the cauldron for the Olympic flame symbolize the fusion of tourism and sports. However, Odaiba’s situation has changed completely due to the pandemic of COVID-19. People disappeared from the city and the games were postponed. The popular tourist destination has lost its liveliness. This project was started in order to deliver fun and the fascinating scenery of Odaiba to the world, featuring Japanese traditional bugei (martial arts) arranged in a modern style and expressed backwards. The film depicts a battle between humans and virus, filmed at the headquarters of Fuji Television designed by a world-famous architect Kenzo Tange. The special effects used enhance a mysterious atmosphere throughout the work.

Producer: Seitaro Kawamura, Tetsuo Kameyama
Writer: Yoichiro Ueda
Cast: Saori Izawa, Takashi

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