Life on the Horn

For decades, toxic waste has been illegally deposited on the coast of Somalia. The tsunami earthquake in 2004 damaged the poisoned containers, which led to the spread of diseases. Many local people had to leave their villages, but some stayed and lived with the aftermath.

Director: Mo Harawe
Length: 25:00
Country: Austria
Language: Somali
Year: 2020

Additional Info

Director Biography: Mo Harawe was born in Mogadishu. He discovered his passion for the cinema through an art school in Somalia. Since 2009 Mo Harawe has been in Austria where his journey as a filmmaker began. He attended numerous film workshops and realized short films which have been shown at international film festivals and won awards. Besides that Mo Harawe works as a screenwriter and has written several scripts for feature films. His feature film script „To Mogadishu“ which he developed at the DIVERSE GESCHICHTEN SCRIPT LAB has won the DOR FILM award at the Diagonale Film festival. in 2016. In 2019 Muhamed Harawe won the BKA Startstipendium for his new feature film “The village next to Paradise” that he is now developing.

Director Statement: With this film, we hope to portray the climate crisis as a complex, multi-faceted issue that has impacts far beyond the environment. We look at the social implications of the climate crisis, profile people behind the statistics and provide the space for the stories of global heating witnesses from the Arctic to Bangladesh. We believe that only by grasping the scope of the climate breakdown and understanding the personal implications of this collective tragedy can we propose solutions that are both effective and just.