Learn to live with Corona (Genre Award – Best Children’s Film)

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Six-year-old Kayampoo and her ten-year-old brother Abinanthan are fed up with the new changes in their lives because of some small annoying coronavirus. This little fellow has created the Covid pandemic, which changed the whole world. Now they want to share their experience of how to live under this pandemic outbreak with other children.

Director: Kayampoo, Abinanthan
Length: 02:26
Country: India
Language: Tamil
Year: 2020

Additional Info

Director Biography: The curious and talented siblings Abinanthan and Kayampoo are from Nagarkovil, a small town in Tamil Nadu. Their father is an artist and writer. Both of them have a unique talent. They love films. Kayampoo loves to draw and paint and Abi is a talented actor. The imaginative children spend their free time besides the school in a lot of creative ways.

Director Statement: We were happy and protected by our parents. Since my father is a freelance artist and writer and he is working from home, he had much time during the month on lockdown for us. We don't need to wait for our father and mother to come back home from the office. We enjoyed this routine. But suddenly, everything has changed in a short period of time. My parents got stressed. Lots of small things which we have taken for granted so far got enormously difficult. In the beginning, our parents found it difficult to explain to us who Coronavirus was and what the pandemic meant. We always asked why they were not allowing us to go out and play. We thought we are all going to die and the world was going to end. We were scared. Maybe the god is going to punish us. We didn't know what was going on. But with patience my parents explained everything to us. We slowly were getting an idea about what was going on around us. So when we researched about the virus on the internet, there weren't many explanations for children in our own language, Tamil. So we thought, why not make a video that helps other children understand the COVID-19 pandemic? Our father and his friend collected the pieces of information and we shared our experiences and decide to draw an animation since we have no schools open. We had a lot of time and Kayampoo loved to sketch. So came the idea of this film and we made it.

Producer: Franziska Schönenberger
Writer: Santhosh Narayanan

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