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The great lakes of Mexico`s Valley , were a natural system to regulate the temperature of the country's capital. By disappearing them, we have created an ecological imbalance that we have not yet been able to reverse.

Director: Ignacio Miguel Ortiz
Length: 13:14
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish
Year: 2018

Additional Info

Director Biography: Ignacio Miguel Ortiz Ortega. Mexico City, August 5, 1984. Degree in Electronic Engineering at the National University of México (UNAM), and Bachelor's degree in Cinematography at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica in México. Extra curricular courses at the Mexican Association of Cinephotographers (AMC). Cinephotographer of documentary projects such as "La biblioteca de Papa", "Callejón Palomares", "Bandeños", and fiction short films such as: "Vivir toda la vida”, "Goodbye Grandfather "and" Rosario ", short film selected in more than 50 national and international festivals (Nashville 2017, Chicago Latin Film Festival 2017, Sydney Latin American Film Festival 2017). Director of fiction short films: "Laberintos" (CCC) and "Condena" (Teorema producciones) and short documentaries: "Lacus" (CCC) and "With help from Heaven" (CCC). Collective exhibitions of fixed photography, such as the Foto Septiembre project and the exhibition for 100 years of UNAM and the magazine “Cuarto Oscuro”. Cinematography of alternative musical group´s video clips.

Producer: Ignacio Miguel Ortiz
Writer: Ignacio Miguel Ortiz