Hot Water (1st Place Audience Award -5 Minutes)

A college student is forced to quarantine at home with his parents, whilst he uncovers his thoughts and family issues due to the lockdown.

Director: Saymen Batour
Length: 05:05
Country: Poland
Language: Arabic
Year: 2020

Additional Info

Director Statement: I made this film to represent the reality of quarantine, it is messy, confusing, and all over the place. Which is why it builds on a bunch of different storylines, but never really leads to a definitive place; just like the pandemic; nonending, slow and miserable. But in its own mess and trouble, finds a way to come together, and be one. I wrote, directed, shot, acted, and edited this film. It was a pretty hectic experience, to say the least. I decided to make a movie that perfectly embodies what goes on inside my head. I believe I was able to achieve that through this film.

Producer: Saymen Batour
Writer: Saymen Batour
Cast: Saymen Batour, Nabil Batour, Hala Batour