Edge (Genre Award: Best Sci-Fi)

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The near future. Humanity is dying out. The vaccine was the catalyst for the COVID-19 mutation. It was no longer like pneumonia, flu or a cold... The atmosphere of the earth was completely infected and for a person, only a minute spent in the "fresh" air ended fatally.

Director: Mavlon Dosmukhamedov
Length: 03:00
Country: Uzbekistan
Language: Russian
Year: 2020

Additional Info

Director Statement: 48 Hour Film Race is held in Central Asian countries, annually inviting both professionals and amateurs to participate. In this fast-paced competition, participants create short films in two days. In 48 hours, the teams need to write a script, shoot, edit and send a film not exceeding a length of 4 minutes to the organizers. It has been held since 2015 with the support of the US Diplomatic Mission in Kazakhstan. The terms of the 48HFR 2020 were: Character: Masked Man, Props: Flag and Flower, Phrase: Coffee or tea?

Producer: Mavlon Dosmukhamedov
Writer: Mavlon Dosmukhamedov, Anatoly Khramov, Ravshan Mukhutdinov
Cast: Ivan Ivanov, Sergey Shmelov, Ravshan Mukhutdinov

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