Climate Change

The farmer Franz from the Bavarian Forest wants to change his business from maize to orange cultivation in 2030 due to climate change. But his plan threatens to fail because of unexpected reasons in the administration.

Director: Lukas Baier
Length: 06:56
Country: Germany
Language: German
Year: 2018

Additional Info

Director Statement: With the charm of a "Crocodile Dundee" from the Bavarian Forest, I wanted to tell this little story in a snappy and pointed way. Through precise observation and knowledge of the rural milieu, I wanted to create a witty and cheerful film that takes aim at its role models for the characters, but in no way denigrates them. The people from the countryside are likeable, pragmatic and grounded. For this reason, my two main characters are embodied by two proven greats of the Bavarian comedy genre: Sigi Zimmerschied and Johanna Bittenbinder. Bavaria is represented by the beauty of the rural idyll as well as by Munich as a "cosmopolitan city".   For me, the year 2030 is indeed the future, but far less distant than might be thought. My film is mainly about the challenges of the ever-advancing mechanisation of our society and the adaptation of the individual to future developments. Technical progress is good and important, but it must happen in moderation. It must not be understood as a general promise of salvation, nor must it displace what is tried and tested and worth protecting. Climate change not only affects nature, but also our social coexistence.  

Producer: Gertrud Baier
Cast: Sigi Zimmerschied, Johanna Bittenbinder, Christian Heiner Wolf