CASA is a hybrid work between theater, film and video art that addresses the routine of two women couples and the reproductions and subversions of relationship models within a patriarchal heteronormative logic.

Director: Drica Czech
Length: 03:00
Country: Brazil
Language: No Dialog
Year: 2020

Additional Info

Director Biography: Drica Czech is a Brazilian actress, performer, playwright, director and journalist. In 2020, she was director, screenwriter and actress of the short films "Casa", selected for the Vertical Movie (Rome), VertiFilm (Prague), Cabíria Festival (São Paulo) and Frauen Theater Festival (Frankfurt) festivals, "Cat's Cradle", also at the Frauen Theater Festival (Frankfurt), and "Out of Place ", which premiered at Mix Brazil Festival (São Paulo) and is now screening at the 24ª Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes, Brazil. In the same year she was also on the digital-theatre project "Polaroides Secretas" with her solo "Luz e Sombra ". Drica also wrote and directed plays such as "Tarântulas ou Meu Amor Jorra de Muitos Braços", about the lesbian-feminist movement during the Brazilian military dictatorship. As an actress, she acted in plays such as “Fissura”, directed by Maria Amélia Farah, from Cia. Hiato (SESC Pompeia) and “O Espectador Condenado à Morte”, text by Matéi Visniec directed by Thiago Ledier for Companhia Teatro da Dispersão, of which she is co-founder. She also directed and wrote a documentary about the creative process of theater companies in São Paulo, such as Teatro da Vertigem and Grupo XIX de Teatro.

Director Statement: Within the context of social distancing due to the pandemic, a magnifying glass has been placed over domestic issues and family and marital problems are evident. In this sense, it is necessary to reflect on the hegemonic ways of relating to one another.

Writer: Drica Czech
Cast: Drica Czech, Laís Catalano Aranha

Making Of