Apocalypse Airlines

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Apocalypse Airlines is a “fake” : a commercial spot for a fictive airline, that confront us with our own contradictions. Everyone wants to travel, discover the world, be free, consume, although we all know the environmental consequences of air travel. Are we ready to make compromises, in order to live with full responsibility ? Should it be an individual or a political decision ?

Director: Camille Tricaud, Franziska Unger
Length: 03:00
Country: Germany
Language: English
Year: 2019

Additional Info

Director Biography: Camille Tricaud & Franziska Unger   Camille Tricaud was born in Bordeaux and studied Philosophy in Munich. Since 2014, she studies "Directing" at the University of Television and Film (HFF) Munich. Her short Films have been screened in numerous international festivals and won several awards.   Franziska Unger was born in Heilbronn and studied Architecture in Dresden. She worked 3 years as an architect and decided to move to visual arts and film.   Camille Tricaud and Franziska Unger worked for the first time together directing "Apocalypse Airlines". After this project they continued working together and are now holder of the Media Arts Scholarship "Kirch Stiftung" for the year 2020.

Director Statement: Apocalypse Airline developed from many discussions.. We thought a lot about that on the one hand flying is a major status symbol of our generation but on the other hand one of the biggest carbon output left by an individual. It is an individual and political question at the same time. We were shocked about the amount of airline advertisings. These facts were the motivation to make a clip to demonstrate these exact ambivalent feelings and way of thinking. The clip is geared to the advertising of the existing avertissements of the different airlines today and deconstructed the associated mechanisms. We wanted to create a kind of anti-advertising to highlight the contradiction of our generation. Some more facts about the clip: We shoot the clip in 2 days in Munich in a greenscreen-studio with a budget of 400 Euros. All the actors had no experience filming and the music was written and produced especially for the clip.

Producer: Claudia Schnupp, Hanna Bohnenberg