About a father

Mammad is a musician who plays at weddings. One day, while reading the news online, he learns that all weddings have been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak, which he considers to be a conspiracy. He decides to work as a taxi driver to earn some money, but cannot find any clients due to the quarantine. He accepts the fact that he has to survive on his savings now. He tries to find ways to stay busy at home, all the while hoping that the quarantine will soon end. He also begins taking interest in his children's lives. He realizes how little he really knows about his children and understands how distant he has grown from his family.

Director: Togrul Musa, Nurlan Hasanli
Length: 13:04
Country: Azerbaijan
Language: Azerbaijani
Year: 2020

Additional Info

Director Biography: Based in Baku, Nurlan Hasanli studied cinema in Istanbul və Budapest. He is involved in fiction and screen writing. Togrul Musa started his career in filmmaking as a sound recordist. Following that he worked in commercial photography, video editing and film making.

Producer: Chai Khana

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