Unified Filmmakers Panel

Unified Filmmakers will be holding a panel on the 1st of July discussing how climate change affects the film industry and vice versa.  What can we do to address a broader audience and raise awareness about the topic in the artform of motion picture on the big screen. 


Panel Guests

Hannes Jaenicke

Hannes Jaenicke is one of the most well-known German actors and cinematographers. Apart from acting and producing documentary movies, Hannes also is an environmental activist who focuses on animal protection and general environmental protection. In 2021 Rheydt awarded the cinematographer with the Golden Flower environmental protection prize. 

Janine O'Keeffe

The co-founder of Fridays For Future, Janine O’Keeffe will talk about the importantce of film in the climate protection movement and discuss the lates climate challeges that Firdays For Future faces. Thanks to Janine O’Keeffe, activists can not only track the activity of Fridays For Future but also find climate change related movies, which are linked to the unified filmmakers website.  

Katharina Bergfeld

Katharina Bergfeld is documentary film producer at Flare Film since 2015.

The latest documentary film produced by Katharina Bergfeld „Everything will change“, which is a mix between a documentary and fiction, premiers on the 14th of July 2022. The science fiction documentary tells a story about three friends, who go on a roadtrip and ask themselves how could it have happened, that there’s almost no habitable areas for wild animals and humans left on our planet. They find the answers in humanitie’s failures of the past. Especially in the twenties of the 21st century, when a massive wave of extinction of different speicies approached it’s highest point. It’s a dystopian road trip movie, which, despite everything, instills hope at the end.

Christian Sommer

Christian Sommer is the German representative of the Motion Picture Association (MPA), the world-wide association of the leading international production and distribution company in the field of film, television, streaming and home entertainment. The memebers of the MPA are currently Disney, Netflix, Paramount, Sony, Universal and Warner Bros, where Chrisitan Sommer worked as an executive director EMEA in the European headquaters in London from 2004 until 2013.

Johanna Jaurich

Johanna Jaurich is a director, producer and author for environmentally friendly documentary movies for TV and Cinema. Her documentary movie “Meine Zukunft ohne Kohle” reached 500.000 viewers on ARD and received the Europeean Solar Prize. Currently she’s working on a movie project “The story of a new world” which should inspire people world wide towards more environmentally friendly actions in their daily lives.

Join our Panel!

1st of July 2022
at 12:30

Karolinenpl. 3, 80333 München, Amerikahaus