41st FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH, November 13 – 19, 2022

Dear filmmakers, dear environmentalists,

FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH and the Nagelschneider Foundation are looking forward to receiving submissions for the CLIMATE CLIPS AWARD, which will be awarded for the 15th time this year.

Submissions are open for film students and film trainees all over the world. We are looking for original and creative short films (max. 3 minutes long) on the subject of climate change. There are no limits to the imagination!

The best clips will be screened and presented awards at the 41st FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH. The three winning films will be awarded € 3,000 in prize money for 1st place, € 2,000 for 2nd place, and € 1,000 for 3rd place.

This year we’re placing particular emphasis on green film production. If one or more of your climate clips was produced in an environmentally friendly way, please note this in the submission. Our definition of green producing is inspired by the Green Unified Best Practices put forth by the Producers Guild of America and the Green Film Shooting project of the European Center for Sustainability in the Media World.

You’ll find more information and the terms and conditions of the competition here.

Films must be submitted via the Festhome platform. The submissions are free of charge. The access code is 41FSFMUC


We’re looking forward to your submissions!

With best regards,

Diana Iljine

Festival Director                                                                     

Internationale Münchner Filmwochen GmbH