UFM Vision

What if we filmmakers could access a platform that would allow us to use our own talents and skills to make a film without a large financial investment and in the end not to exploit it at the best possible conditions? What if this platform also focused on films about the really important issues of our time? Climate change, the inequality between rich and poor, racism, the protection of the oceans. Global issues that concern us all and that should be a top priority in the minds of the world’s decision-makers. Who if not us filmmakers have the tools to do this? We just need to join forces and help each other. Only then we will also find the way to the audience.

Corona opened up so many wounds in our society and made it clear to us all, that we are already a much more global society than we often realize. With the UNIFIED FILMMAKERS we have an association in progress that aims to create a platform of filmmakers for filmmakers. This platform consists of four distinct pillars.

Every year we want to focus on a socially and globally topic with our UNIFIED FILMMAKERS FESTIVAL and present the best films about it online as well as screen them in front of an audience. And with this year’s hot button topic Covid-19, we struck a chord in the filmmaking community. Now, after the physical festival at FILMFEST M√úNCHEN, the films will go on a deserved festival tour to our partner festivals around the world in individually curated programs.

And: A new festival edition is on its way!

But there are many more important and relevant films which are related to the annual festival topic and which should be collected into a library. The best films from the net on our topic will be shown in the UNIFIED FILMMAKERS MEDIA LIBRARY, that will include short and feature films and series of all genres.

In addition we want to use the media library as a stage for extraordinary works of young filmmakers who do not necessarily have the chance of a commercial distribution or even to be seen anywhere. We will do this only for a limited time, not to destroy any commercial value but to give these young filmmakers and their movies a chance to be seen globally and find potential partners for upcoming projects.

In addition, with the UNIFIED FILMMAKERS NETWORK it is our goal to network filmmakers all over the world and offer them an audiovisual stage on which the filmmakers have the chance to present themselves. We want to inspire international cooperation on global and social relevant films as much as possible. If filmmakers unify their efforts to make films about all the challenges the world is facing today, they can have a really important voice and hopefully will be able to change the world for the better. Nothing is more universal and more relatable than film.

With the UNIFIED FILMMAKERS MARKETPLACE we want to offer filmmakers a forum where they can present their future projects with all creative tools they want to use for it as well as being able to find potential investors and comrades-in-arms.

Instead of laboriously sending their project to the various possibly also completely unknown exploiters and hoping that someone will react to their project proposal, UNIFIED FILMMAKERS can go on the offensive and use all creative means to present their project on our platform. This puts them in a completely different negotiating position from the outset and, in the best case, they can choose between several interested parties which partner best suits their project.