Bon Appetit (Genre Award: Best Drama)


Bon Appetit is the story of two people seemingly in love, and the horrors that await once you realize how everyday toxicity can corrode the most tender moments of life. It strives to look at people with endless empathy, to deconstruct their togetherness and lay bare the essence of modern, urban relationships that run into an infinite loop when emotional and physical violence is normalized and 'self' is sacrificed at the so-called altar of 'love'. Bon App├ętit is just an attempt to take viewers into a moody narrative, a glimpse into two people and their innermost secrets and demons that lie in closets and the possibilities of what might happen to them when they are left to isolate.

Director: Nabil Solanki
Length: 10:44
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Year: 2020

Additional Info

Director Statement: The narrative of 'Bon Appetit' is partly inspired from the ongoing pandemic and strives to display the real horrors pertaining to emotional trauma and abuse in domestic situations across the nations. The film tries to achieve this through endless empathy for its two characters and the world they inhabit.

Producer: Ishani Banerjee
Writer: Nabil Solanki
Cast: Arpita Banerjee, Shantanu Divecha